Yoshi is pretty amazing (video)

The haraigoshi was a thing of beauty. Hurry though.


I wish he would have tried to finish the yoko sankaku.
It would have been one of the first in mma. It was right there too.

Oh well! No gi, 50 lbs lighter, 10 years past his prime.....still incredibly impressive.

Pride James Thompson vs Hidehiko Yoshida
Uploaded by Princenino

yoshida just gassed at the end against a much younger, stronger opponent. he did control the majority of the fight up to that point.

wow, yoshi looked great until he gassed, how did he not sink in the ude garame????

damn yoshida. i thought he'd win. why does pride setup this ridiculous weight difference match-ups.

bob sapp nearly killed Noguiera few years ago.

they both also took the fight with less than 2 weeks notice from what i understand.

Yoshi still has it. Still impressive display of judo skill there. Too bad, he couldn't finish him.

bob sapp nearly killed Noguiera few years ago.

But Noguiera still won.

Have to agree that Yoshida gassed, Pretty impressive performance though. 

Youth and weight won that match. But, skill kept the Yoshmeister in it, and dominating for the majority.
He was soooooo close. I GUESS, "close" does count in horseshoes, handgrenades and first dates, but not combat.

"230 vs 268. That's pretty normal for a heavyweight match in nearly any combative sport."

It's not normal if, like Yoshi, you spent your prime at around the 180 mark. Thompson's prime...about 250.

Come on guys, it was obviously a work.