Yoshi wins in Thailand!!

Yahoshua "Yoshi" Yahudah from Megalodon Gym/Khai Muay Pla Chalarm won his fight against Jahie at Patong Beach Stadium in Phuket Thailand. Way to go Yoshi!!

I know this is an old thread but I just found it while searching for something and wanted to say congratulations to Yahoshua. i can't believe no one else did.



I just met Yoshi this weekend. I almost made the mistake of agreeing to fight him. I didn't realize who or what he was and thought it was just a newbie who needed a fight.

Then after being told who/what he was, I politely declined and said "WHEW!"

he is a tough kid and I expect great things to come

KK what was the weight they wanted you to fight at? I thought you had cut down to like 180 and last time I saw Yahosua he was like 210.

Well, I've fattened up for the holidays and am around 200 lbs now. (I haven't trained in 2 months to rest some injuries)

When I met Yoshi, I was told his opponent had backed out of the fight. At first, I thought he was a newbie needing his first fight, so I was going to agree to an exhibition with him. But then I was told who (and WHAT) he was, and I very quickly changed my mind.

Even with my experience and titles, I am not in his class. I've fought about 15 times (13 Muay Thai) and have 3 titles. Yoshi has fought almost 30 times, is the national champion, and has fought (and WON) in Thailand.

I can't touch that. He woulda destroyed me.


still laughing at my original comment....
"he's a heavyweight champ? I thought he'd be bigger"

he is a fireplug - lol

I'm very disappointed that I did not get to see him fight....

Yoshi weighed about 202lbs for the fight in Virginia. He is a small heavyweight. He won a fight in Atlanta this past weekend by KO in the 1st round

...but I'm even more glad that I wasn't watching him whip my ass! LOL