yoshida did better vs hunt!

than vanderlei! yoshida beat him, wandy got his ass handed to him

yoshida - vanderlei rematch!

Grow up.

grows up

I don't think it's fair statement as it was Mark's first fight.

However, I do want to see Yoshida vs Silva rematch


"styles make fights"

Yep. Read and learn.

I was screaming at the TV (well at Vanderlai) not to get up and do the soccer kick and stomp thing, cause Hunt would just get up, and that's what Hunt did. What a fight!

i dont shut up , i grow up, when i look at orcus i throw up! :)

clear victory for judo vs. bjj

Shawns, STFU.

Read Goku's 3 words, bitches.

Yoshida does not deserve a ramatch with anyone. He is a MMA has been that never was. His wave of MMA fame came from his bogus choke out of Royce. Each fight Yoshida has exposes his inability to offer a serious threat to top MMA fighters. Yet, people still want to see him fight.


yoshida will beat your ass sucka!

i am not judokawa and know he is 4 real!

LMAO at keyboard warriors. Everyone in Pride speaks highly of him and even goes to train with him. Would they do this if they didnt even respect him?

TTT for our Keyboard Warriors!

Btw, Shootfightermike: Who is exactly is Mr. Judokawa?

LOL! internet warrior for sure.

YOshida gave Silva one of his toughest fights in Pride history.

YOshida is the fucking man. SHUT UP SUCKA!

but rulon made yoshi look bad. i don't see gardner beating someone like silva, tho

"Silva's fight wasn't fixed."

Maybe that had something to do with it.

Yoshida's a tough guy, but I haven't been very impressed with him as a fighter. I wouldn't say he gave Silva one of his toughest fights -- I don't think Silva was ever in trouble one second of that fight. Yosh does have an excellent chin, though.

i still like and respect yoshida!