Yoshida / Hunt possible for Pride

Yoshida is confirmed for Pride GP card on 6/20. The Japanes media is "hinting" that he will fight at heavyweight, and there is a strong possibility that he will battle Mark Hunt.

Hunt will be making his MMA debut.

Yoshida will be debuting his new "Gi".

My prediction : Yoshida by "Sleeve Wheel" over a clueless on the ground Hunt.

Fire away !

another "rumor" going around is for Bushido 3:

Alexander Emelianenko vs. Matt Foki (sp)

Matt Foki is from Austrailia. Should be an official announcement regarding the finalized card today.

Aleksander by machine gun barrage after the million dollars didn't get to him by exactly 12:00 am.


If Yoshi has been working on his striking, I don't see any chance for Hunt.


Yoshi has some bricks.  If he has been working on his technique and can land some shots, he can do some MAJOR damage!

I also agree if will be deemed a "work".

lol @ working this fight when Yoshida got eternally embarrassed NYE.

Who knows if it's a work, anyone serious about the sport and an objective opinion can spot most works.

If Hunt goes down like Leko did, I'll certainly be asking questions.

If it's a shoot though, it'll be interesting to see Yoshi' take it down. No doubt he can finish on the ground, Hunt will hopefully be able to get a couple of bombs away.

Gee, a clueless K-1 striker fighting a Japanese judo hero in MMA. Where have I heard that one before?