Yoshida/Morris Question


Why didn't Jason Morris attack Hidehiko Yoshida?

He was worried of Yoshida's uchimata. He was simply outclassed.

(OSOTOGAKE)"He was worried of Yoshida's uchimata. He was simply outclassed"

i don't think he was out classed , after all he was in the final at the olympics. i trained with yoshida and he makes you think he is going to attack just by twitching his hands . watch the fight again , you will see what i mean.

Yoshida totally controlled the grip, especially (and typically Japanese) the sleeve grip (from the clips I've seen).

Ben R.

id never say somebody was completly outclassed. it makes things seem as if there wasnt a chance in hell for that guy, and thats NEVER the case in judo, never.

truth is that sometimes you just cant get comfortable out there for whatever reason. or, sometimes the guys got a grip and you just know that one wrong move is gonna end it all.

on that given day, at that given time, jason give yoshida the very best he could and it was an admirable effort and great result for USA Judo.

there are a lot of things i sure disagee with JM on (some of them even to a bitter degree), but i'm the first person to say that he represented the USA as well as anybody could and that he is doing very well as a coach.

Looks to me like Morris's over-dependence on the mullet lead to his downfall that day.

I agree, the mullet made Yoshida mad...

lol at the mullet-jitsu or mullet-do...btw, it was a look that once was in, and (ahem, cough, cough), i also had a mullet the days gone by..

I can't believe Jason didn't attempt his favourite throws.




Is he still sporting a mullet today?

In the vid clips, Morris states that tai-otoshi is usually done against opposite grip opponents.

Is it easier this way than doing it against someone with the same grip?

Interestingly enough, in the clip Yoshida attacks repeatedly with an opposite /kenka-yotsu grip.

Liyon - I use tai otoshi a lot. IMO Jason Morris is wrong about the tai otoshi.

to say that Jason Morris was outclassed by Yoshida is obviously stated by someone who does not know their facts. Jason Morris had beaten Yoshida as well as lost to him before they fought in the 92 Olympic Final. It could have gone either way...it was an olympic final.


"Liyon - I use tai otoshi a lot. IMO Jason Morris is wrong about the tai otoshi."

Very funny, who are you again? You're gonna disregard Jason Morris who has won countless titles and won hundreds of international matches with that move? If he says that the move works best on opposite sided players well I think he'd know better than you would. Just because you've happened to try that move a couple of times in your local dojo doesn't equate to a lifetime of success that Jason Morris had with it. You are the one who is wrong.

I don't use tai otoshi much but a lot of the guys I play with in Japan use it heavily. They all agree that it is significantly easier to preform in a kenka yotsu situation. The reason for this is the relative positioning of the feet makes the entry much easier. In ai yotsu, you often have to attack with a secondary throw to change his foot position, and then slide accross for the tai otoshi. In kenka yotsu you can just attack right away.

This isn't to say that people don't or can't attack with it straight off from ai yotsu, I'm just saying it's easier from kenka because of body positions.

ok I'm lost buddy what's the difference between kenka and ai...which one is which?

Ai =same and  kenka=opposite


oh ok yea I agree with what you said

Ai agree too; isn't that kenka?


The clip is only a highlight showing the parts with Yoshida on top with his grip. Morris doesn't look in a position to attack in the clip.