Yoshida vs. Johnson

F Johnson celebrating like that stupid ass didn't even make weight


that didn't take long

Celebrate when you can actually make weight.

Total crap win and doesn't mean a damn thing.

Just like when Alves took Hughes.

Good of the UFC to setup Yoshida to be disrespected.

Let me guess now he wants a title fight?

He's a beast, but he needs to make weight. Like to see him fight Koschek.

TheTakeover - no ko bonus plz ufc, not for that

I hope not either.

Johnson should be ashamed of himself, beating up a guy naturally 50 pounds smaller. Whatever happened to "Pick on somebody your own size?"

TheTakeover - no ko bonus plz ufc, not for that

Goldberg of course thinks it should be.

What'd I fuckin tell ya.

and it doesnt matter how much he weighed.. outcome would have been the same.

Lets see Aj vs swick... or Kampman... or that british dude

Arachnoid - Gee, this was a stunner. Johnson lost a fan tonight...move to MW and I'll jump back on the bandwagon.

I agree. The guy is simply to big to be in that weight class.

UFC should force Johnson to fight his next fight at 185.

6 pounds isn't even close.

Yeah, the entire premise of this fight was ridiculous. Johnson needs to be at MW.

Trust me..UFC will punish Johnson....ALVES, KOSHECK,

at this point.. I really think AJ can compete notice i say COMPETE with anyone at the 170 pd division.

^ yeah it's nice to compete with dudes like yoshida (who prolly doesn't more than 5-10lbs if any) or other guys that are 30 lbs smaller than you.

fuck rumble in this division. it's bullshit. he knows it. we know it. feed him to some solid MW competition, and we'll regain our interest.

He weighed in half way into reach MW division. He does not deserve a W for this fight.