yoshida was only given 10 days?

before he fought thompson?

i know some people see james as a scrub, but he is a big juiced up strong summbitch!

no out of shape dude given 10 days notice should have to have faced that beast!

do you think with a few months advance, this matchup would go any different?

has yoshida ever gassed out that bad before?

shit i wanna know!


I think James had the same notice?

seriously? if so then i pull my thread back!

but yoshida gassed hella quick!

I thought Thompson had 10 days an Yoshida had a change of opponents so he had more time to train?

i know yoshida had 10 days notice

Yoshida had 10 days.

yoshida beat mark hunt

mark hunt beat cro cop

so ufc signed a can huh?????????????

I thought it was rumored for some time that Yoshida was going to fight.

He should have been ready.

Yoshida knew he was supposed to be fighting, but 2 opponents had pulled out, James Thompson got the call 10 days before, took the fight and flew out the next day. This takes some courage and makes the performance even more impressive...

thompson was in training

yoshida was not

"yoshida beat mark hunt

mark hunt beat cro cop

so ufc signed a can huh?????????????"

And didn't CroCop leave yoshida lying dead on the canvas from leg kicks?

10 days!!

Yoshida had time to train he knew he was fighting

so he did train and prepare well in advance way more than 10 days.

His opponents just kept changing.

Thompson on the other hand really had no clue he really had only 10 days notice.

If anything, Thompson was at a disadvantage. Yohshida may have had his opponent change, but at least he knew well in advance that he was going to fight.

YOSHIDA did well until he gassed and fell out of the ring.

but congrats to thompson for beating an awesome fighter.

he was trainning hard along with Nakamura anyway