You are mentally ill if you didn't get vaccinated

hey, did you know that I’m vaxxed?

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Like real vaccines or vaxxed ?. .

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^the Covid VAXX

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speaking of “Mental Illness” and the VAXX…I wonder if there’s any correlation between “PureBlood” AntiVAXXers, A$$AULT GUN Collections, and MASS SHOOTINGS?

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when someone says they did it so theyd be allowed to travel, I lose even more


Oh, I like this!

Edit: was referring to the Thoreau quote- I hate this fucking site or I’m old

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You guys are literally why we need more FEMA camps.

Get WOKE! :fist:t5: (I’m white)

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Rascal,… you got vaxxed and boosted???



I wish there was a thread of everyone that has dropped dead “mysteriously” form the vaccine!

I have libtarded family members that believe in vaccine. I would like to just keep hitting them with facts!

And yeah that lady looks retarded who calls herself a pure blood but who is right here is the question!

I believe she is a pure blood


She still has more common sense then the people on the left, so what is your point? All the facts now show she was right and all the self important lefties that got jab after jab after jab after jab where shown to be wrong.

So go ahead and act like you are above her but at the end of the day she was smarter then you!

There’s a thread that explains the REAL reasons for the uptick in strikes / clots / heart attacks

Say that to my face doc

Same here!

Unvaccinated patients have a mental problem and should be put on psychiatric medications.

I see why all the OG liberTARDS hate people who refuse to take the china flu “vaccine.” Through my 2 jobs, my family, friends and associates, the majority of the unvaxed are minorities. And white liberals hate minorities who don’t blindly follow them and think for themselves.


because I was rather on the fence concerning the matter…always make it a policy to not be too quick to forming an opinion as I observe the story play out…such as observing the debate play-out on the OG

then one day while enjoying a Gentleman’s Stroll around the Park when I observed some Illbred Intoxicated Delinquents LOUDLY fussing about the VAXX which gave me a rather LOW impression of the ANTIVAXXers and thought to myself, I certainly don’t want to be like seen those deplorables

and then made up my mind to get the VAXX and probably a good thing too because I eventually got the Covid and had a rough time with, a trip to the hospital, pneumonia, heart troubles, and all that and perhaps the VAXX played some part in my survival not to mention not being treated like an “idiot” by irritated Doctors and Medical staff which would have been offended by my not having got the VAXX and then finding myself in NEED of their assistance

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