You are naive if you don't think this is going to

The guy is mentally ill. How crazy does a guy have to be to continually seek out another man that has no interest in communicating with him? He can’t handle that I have no interest in engaging with him because he is beneath me so now he has to bump threads from a year ago like a stalker. lol. He and his multiple accounts have mental problems. I got bored giving them my time because it feeds his psychosis. It is funny that he is this desperate to seek my attention but also sad. Hopefully he gets help.

Another wall of text from 'Ol Cotton.

How long till he fully melts down

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May I suggest maybe a truce? Shake hands and hug it out.

I’ve ignored him for a year. About as close to a truce as the OG gets but he is obsessed with me and has mental problems.

Fair enough.

Weren’t you the guy that screenshoted my posts? :rofl:



That OP though, aged like fine wine. So so THIRSTY for authoritarian theocracy.



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Holy Fuck



Ol’ Cotton

Great prediction

Rent free.

Please keep bumping my theads to remind me you get on the internet and think of me.

Cotton isn’t naive… He’s retarded.

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And you are the chum that was used for a year for a troll thread.

Sorry, I don’t speak / read RETARD…can you have an adult try to translate it into English and post it again…

I baited you for a year just like I baited the guy who bumped this thread after 18 and 6 months to bump a thread to prove they still think about me when they get on here. You are a loser that makes shitty music, comrade. :joy:

I think about you every time I bait, sister.

I’m baiting right now.


Cotton… You’ve never been anything but a loser on the OG… And you do better here than you do anywhere else.

Meep meep.

OK, failed Communist musician. :joy: