You are not as strong as this...

53 year old man.

Amazing Acrobatics - video powered by Metacafe

The core strangth needed to do that shit is mindblowing.....

Got a couple gymnasts who cross train in my area...They do shit like that..Unreal..

Not to mention the shoulder strength for the rope at the end...


I refuse to believe that is possible.

... I was gona try and make some smartass comment but.. damn.


what a freak!!!!!

How the hell is that first thing he does even possible? Doesnt that defy gravity? I mean where does he get his leverage from?

I hear you, Tyson..... I couldn't come up with shit either, lol.

That type of leverage capability would work miracles in grappling.

I bet he could take Tim Slyvia.

no other way it isn't....that is jesus right there


Circ de solie FTW!

Note to self:

Do more situps + Pray to freak gods = be able to do freaky shit like that!

Please repost the vid link. Thanks!

Fuck that; I can eat more than he can.


You sure this guy's 53 years old ? He looks more like 23.

Yeah, I'm going to try that pole stunt when I get home. I better get a move on. Let me find a shortcut home. Hmmmmmmm. Ok - watch me below

David Bell - Urban Ninja - video powered by Metacafe