I see a bunch of people lamenting the new “TOP TEAM” but I’d like to remind you all that this is what you wanted. You didn’t like GPTT or ABCTT so this is what you get.


cat shit talking GIF by Jason Clarke

Yeah… Grandpa pickle ball is over you washed fruit bags.:rofl::joy::rofl:

Go home, KJ.

Sorry hughes. Your ancient alt detection sundial seems to be malfunctioning.
KJ is a dirty mutant

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Good lord this has to be the WORST group ever created on the OG. Their whole identity is built off of a tall skinny asshole that doesn’t even post here anymore. ABCTT_DOS_ANUS could single-handedly wipe out your whole “group”.

I’m honestly embarrassed for even acknowledging this…


Sounds like you need to buy a corvette G.

How them Cialis tasting boss?

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Tight come back…

Wtf? That’s not nice to either of us!

I guess that’s what I should expect from a old guy who wipes from back to front and gets shit all over his balls!

I appreciate your attempt at modern communication gramps

Forrest and KJ!

I’m still top 5 GPTT, and I demand a little more respect around here.


Stop it. Forrest is good folk. We just like to butt heads sometimes.

We’ll fight when we wanna, not when some old shitty balls guy try’s to start it.

That’s right.
KJ and I have had our differences but it would be irresponsible of us to just let the boomers run this place into the ground, like they did to the rest of society.

This. Suck a dick old gray balls!!! LOL! #BOOMERLIFE

Uh oh… is huge going to show up? You’re definitely acting like a guy I once knew who was kidnapped live on the OG lol