You can add 3 players to your baseball team

For next three years free of charge

1 starter
1 reliever(has to be reliever)
1 position player

No health is guaranteed Phone Post 3.0

Freddy Griffin JR.
Babe Ruth
Mark McGrath Phone Post 3.0

To the Angels:

Starter - King Felix

Reliever - Craig Kimbrel

Position Player - Giancarlo Stanton

I thought about going with McCutchen as my position player and moving Trout to LF, but I like Giancarlo's moonshots so much that I picked him instead

Thought about Kershaw but I like that Felix pitches regularly against AL West hitters, and taking him weakens Seattle

Kershaw, Betances, Trout


Kershaw or Bum, Kershaw is a stud reg season pitcher but we see how clutch Bum is in the playoffs.


JoeMimic - Clayton Kershaw
Dellin Betances
Mike Trout

I know mostly boring lol. Phone Post 3.0
That's mine Phone Post 3.0




I don't know much about baseball but decided to partake anyway.

Faye Reagan to start.
Jada Stevens for some relief (she'll definitely provide relief).
Alexis Texas for any position that she wants.

But the no health guarantee could be bad, despite the no charge.

We may not win any championships, but the balls would be handled really well.

Starter- Kershaw
Reliever- Chapman
Any- Trout Phone Post 3.0