You can’t Rattle Roli Delgado

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                                You can’t Rattle Roli Delgado

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The last time we checked in with Rolando Delgado, ‘The Crazy Cuban’ was in that peculiar no man’s land known only to those who have competed on The Ultimate Fighter reality show. Fresh off the show (in his case, season eight) and fighting on the season finale card, it’s a chance to fight in the UFC, but since you’re fighting someone who was also on the reality series, some don’t see it as truly being a UFC fight.

“There’s a stigma when you’re fighting other guys from the show because you’re all on the reality show, and you’re considered second class UFC fighters until you start fighting other people in the UFC,” said Delgado, who was pitted against castmate John Polakowski on that December night in 2008.

The resident of Little Rock, Arkansas emerged victorious that night, submitting Polakowski in the second round. It was his eighth pro win in 12 tries, and certainly his most important because now he was a UFC fighter.

Yet despite the victory, there were still skeptics when it came to the six-foot-three lightweight, and some expected him to be sent packing when he took on UK favorite Paul Kelly on Germany’s UFC 99 card in June.

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Roli is TOPS!!!

 ttt for Roli!

Roli's nerve will be tested in Manchester at 105, that's for sure...

Anyone who makes international flights with that beard has got to have some nerve.

Great read. WAR Delgado.

 Going through security is always a bitch

 Tururist beard, ftw. 


Roli smuggles cubans in his beard.... people not cigars

Was made a fan in the Kelly fight, quite wrongly assumed Kelly would walk it but was proven wrong

Roli could and should be the 'Dustin Hazelett' of 155, and the Andre Winner fight is his to lose, if and when it hits the ground Roli should sub him with relative ease