You can't beat Kimbo

I'm seeing all these Kimbo threads floating around w/ people challenging him - under MMA rules. How about under his rules? Other than Brian Davis' recent challenge there hasn't been one legitimate challenge. Did Paul B. offer to fight him under his rules? As much as all the haters say Kimbo is sloppy, only fights mismatched bums, etc., I think very few that post here can beat him under his rules.

no pleeeeaaaasssseeee....


he's no slouch.

kimbo vs gil aldana

Paul Buentello could beat him.

but he has trained and fought more than kimbo ever will.

All I'm saying is that you'd better be daaaaamned sure of yourself before trying to take touch that guy's breast...

I mean....take that guy's bread!!!

"Did Paul B. offer to fight him under his rules?"

Yes, absolutely. This was asked about 5000000 times on that thread and Paul said he would beat his ass under any rules. It isn't like Paul is a fucking wrestler.

Kimbo for TUF 6 !!!!!!!!

have Tim Sylvia coaching him....

or better...Brandon Vera!!

Kimbo beats everyone with highkicks and knees.

"Did Paul B. offer to fight him under his rules?" ........ Yes but Paul has all but disappeared since saying that. Atleast Davis seems to really be pushing for this to happen.

shit i know i won't fight him. that dudes fists are as big as my freakin head

I think that if he was open for doing full out street fights, tons of guys would challenge him. For 5K, I'd certainly consider it.

In fact some of the local level guys here would fight Kimbo bi-weekly for that kind of money.

The thing is that he seems to prefer bare knuckle street boxing in a random locale such as a backyard or "the docks"

This is tough to train for and all but guarantees an injury even for the winner.

Plus the rules are very shady such as turn of the century 30 counts as well as you being able to push throw, and elbow.

I also would be concerned about getting shot by some of the lowlifes who hang around.

LOL@ kimbo having even the slimmest glimmer of hope against Paul fucking Buentello in ANY KIND of fight.

if you believe that kimbo would survive, let alone win, you are not smart. period.

LOL at anyone who can throw a straight punch let alone a jab ever losing to Kimbo.

I didn't say I could take Kimbo I simply stated that I don't think he can beat anyone who is actually trained to fight.

He hasn't beaten anyone who can fight.

As soon as he's faced a game fighter, he's packed it in and left.

'tt for Buentello vs Kimbo with 30 counts, 3 "chill dawgs" rule and an official regulation-size metal thang!'