'You can't make any money unless you fight'

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                                'You can't make any money unless you fight'

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"[Kawajiri's] a great fighter. I've always respected him and he brings it every time he fights. A fight like this is just something you can't pass up, doesn't matter if its two weeks notice or whatever it is. I only want to fight the best guys and right now Kawajiri was available and I had to then make myself available because opportunities like this don't come very often so I'm stepping up to capitalize on it. That's what you have to do as a fighter. Josh Koscheck gave some words of wisdom to me one time and it stuck with me ever since. [He said] 'You're a fighter and you can't make any money unless you fight. Those fighters who don't want to take fights will just keep nickel and dime-ing it through their lives. As long as you're always training and always fighting you're always getting better and in the process making money. You can't make money unless you fight.' That was something that always stuck with me so I'm looking for every fight I can possibly find and there was no way I was going to let this opportunity pass me by."

quote transcribed courtesty of MMAMania...


Real Fighter

 I love how the quote is just about what he said, but not really at all.