you could see Fedor thinking about the soccer kick

under pride rules Fedor would have punted, interesting moment

thought it was great composure in the heat of the moment. you could really tell he wanted to launch it.

Yeah, it looked like he wound it up twice. Once I think was instinct, second time was "I guess I can kick the shoulder" but then decided to hit him instead.

 I thought he was gonna do it.

Had a flashback to the Zulu fight for a second.

LOL - I thought the same thing

he def made the move but caught himself.

rogers would be no more if fedor kicked him in the face.

It made me so so SAD when I saw that.... : (

 that would have been CRAZY

 Yep, he was about to punt Rogers head into the stands.

at that point i said "damn i wish this was in pride!"

So it wasn't just me

I really though he was going to kick him too...

Seriously, I'm impressed with his composure but I would have preferred to see the finish there.

Fight would have definitely ended much earlier...

Hahaha I saw that, I was like damn, Rogers has no idea how lucky he is right now!

Someone post the GIF, please. I missed that.

stupid North American rules

lol, that was what i was thinking as well.

Fighters holding back = watered down rules.