You do something at my car!


Or is you "threw" something at my car?

If someone comes charging at you like in :08, you can legally punch them in the face, right? Man or woman?

Might want to buy a medium

scrapdo -

Might want to buy a medium

A medium garbage bag 

My God... There's a phenomenon with women in arguments where they have to have the last word. But when you get two obnoxious women arguing with each other, they both insist on having the last word. So it just devolves into this retarded, illogical rambling back and forth at each other.

"Why are you even here?" 

"None of your business!" 

"Cause you shouldn't be here!"

"I don't curr!" 

"look at Choo!" 


Fuck... The fact that the woman had a husband with her is a disgrace. He needed to tell her to shut the fuck up and just fucking move on with life. I love my wife, but if she ever got in a retarded "last word" argument like that, I would have to tell her to shut up. Jesus christ. 

just make sure to get her plates and whatever company she is delivering food for, her app with be turned off for sure

Lyft driver is definitely more annoying but holy shit the one in the car was too. 

I have no idea what they were even arguing about.

Two dumb cunts.