You don't get to just choose your weight

After the outrage over Anderson potentially considering a drop to ww I'm not sure people understand how weight classes work.

A fighter doesn't get to just say I'm fighting a class lower and all of a sudden he is there with all the speed/strength/cardio of his previous weight.

There are big implications to changing divisions especially if you are already big for your weight class.

People seem to believe that if Anderson fights gsp at ww it's going to be the exact same Anderson who fought Forrest. That's not how weight cuts work and anyone who has ever done one knows that.

If anything Anderson is more at risk of a loss fighting gsp at ww than having gsp come up. Gsp has a huge advantage in his fights because of his speed and strength for his size allowing him to control his opponents. At mw he'd likely lose strength advantage as well as speed, but if Anderson comes to him gsp gets to keep all his advantages while Anderson is the one who would be giving up his usual advantages.

In closing don't bash Anderson for taking a big risk potentially making this challenge and don't bash gsp by saying he'd run to 155, be excited that we may be one step closer to a fight for the ages. Phone Post

There's no point trying to go about this reasonably as some people just have a mind to hate and discredit.

Everyone thinking clearly knows there are pros and cons to changing weight classes and that both 170 and 205 will pose challenges for Anderson.

I am just hoping he is able to fight for as long as possible because I love watching. Phone Post

2 days ago the WW was deep, and LHW was shit. Now that Silva considers the move down its backwards. Why the Silva hate on the UG? Saying dropping a weight class makes things "easier" is a myth.. I'd like to see some stats to back up that theory .... Phone Post

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 IM BACK.  I do agree with the OP let me keep my real feelings to myself so i dont get iced again lol.  

its kinda silly when your doing so well in your division to drop a weight class. if moving up is too risky, stay where your at