You ever wonder about Gob?

I have studied all theories on how we came here. I think there is a Magician's Alliance. Not what Tony Wonder teaches us but someone or something is controlling this cluster fuck we call prestidigitation.

People whine and cry why does a Magician who created us would make things happen to us which we can't comprehend? I think Tony Wonder hates us and disgusted with us. It's like a magician kid who is fat, dim witted, and goofy kid who smells like feces, and then becomes the astonishment of the world. He falls or fucks up and they laugh a little inside, but he continues with his fuckery alone until one those laughs become gasps And sometimes they secretly wish he would die because they are so disappointed that they could never produce such a fucking profound statement of magic Death would be better for a loser they know will suffer with his perfection. So they hate him. And if he dies painfully? With the sword pf destiny in his gut? So be it.

My bet is Tony Wonder looks down at us and shakes his head. Here Steve Holt you fucking low life goof- take father abandonment. Here Mrs. Ann Veal- carry on like your shit don't stink? Take a bad case of Mexican abandonment. Ohhhh Ice you so bad. You had a good run fucking shit up and now you chill in the most undignified way.

Getting kicked out of the Alliance? The guy in the $400 Suit?!?!

Tony Wonder hates us. I am sure of that.

I wonder...

You spun a thread. Phone Post 3.0