You get rich. What extravagant features do you...

...put into your new dream house?  Tiki bar? Bowling alley? Gold toilet seats? Slides instead of stairs? Beer on tap in every room? Indoor beach? Crazy squirrel room? Sex dungeon? 



Sauna and steam room.

State of the art Atmos home theater.


10,000 acres on all sides and a 3,000 acre fresh water lake 


Something like this with a pizza oven large smoker and grill.



Oh yeah, and my garage


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Glory hole in every door and a mystery midget in each room


Lazy river in the backyard, and my own private lake. I assume we are talking filthy rich.

Also an indoor basketball court. Always wanted one.

Hickok45's gun range. Hidden rooms would be awesome as well.

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Home defense and security, build a fortress with a tall wall around it. Gun towers and turrets all around.

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Walk in Gun Safe / storm shelter.

Large acreage. Fresh water lake/river/waterfall/whatever. Partially wooded, partial grass land. Perennial food forest. Private gun range (lead-free non toxic ammo only).

After that we can talk about the other features, and I’ve got ideas.

A nice sound recording studio with an iso’ chamber.

heated toilet seats.

great whiskey

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I Would probably want a thousand acres, a Tudor revival mansion,  nothing too extrextravagant.  I would plant a hedgerow maze and have a lake that takes somewhere around 10 acres and have it stocked with fish to eat, with a couple of fountains placed in the lake to aerate the water.  Massive rose garden that spans acres full of all different types of roses with a walking path and benches to sit along your way.  Lawn tennis court.  I'm not too crazy on cars, I'm cool with a daily driver.  I'm a huge Bond fan so I would buy the '64 Aston Martin.  I'm a Highlander fan as well so I would buy the '64 Thunderbird roadster.  I'd buy a '57 MGA for myself.  Buy the wife a split window corvette.  Probably have a fully equipped home gym.  Hobby farm or garden to have as many vegetables as possible, maybe a couple of bee hives tucked away in a corner somewhere.  Fruit trees and bushes.  Hopefully there is game that roams the property for hunting.  Wife used to ride horses so I guess a stable would be part of the deal, lol.  My wife is from England so I guess what I want is a country estate but on a slightly smaller more workable scale.  Would try to be low profile and live a quiet life.  



Some cool shit I always wanted:

- Secret Rooms (like bookshelf doors and shit)

- 'Man' Office (A kick ass office with fridge, a couple computers, couch, nice chair, possible urinal, small bar. Work from home really changed my perception of needs) 

- Large Property (I dont want acres for my home, necessarily. But I want a decent size piece of land)

- Privacy and Security (Large wood fence or concrete, flood lights, etc. I also love the fortress idea). 

- Heated Driveway 

- Trapdoor Floor Panic Room (Think a floor cellar, but a floor panic room)

- Steamroom / Sauna 

- Indoor Pool and Gym

- A 30,000 + Massage Chair (they make them) 

Plus what ever pointless shit my wife wants. 

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A hidden walk-in safe/gun room.

Secret passages, stairway, and escape tunnel.

Hidden safe room.

Room with wine/whisky cellar at one end and high end stereo on the other (d'agostino amps, DCS digital, techdas analog and wilson speakers).  Maybe a home theater too. Four car garage with built in lift (one space for project cars).

Places for my kids college diplomas at something that they can actually make a living at. 

Then a blues bar w a pool tab in the back yard

Wall around the estate.

secret underground escape bunker

ridiculous aquarium.

heli pad and helicopter.