You get rich. What extravagant features do you...



100 plus acres mostly wooded with some pasture and hayfields. About 10 acres of property for residence. A  stocked pond of 3-5 acres and maybe a few smaller ponds. 

House with sauna, steamroom, jacuzzi, gym, theatre room, indoor basketball/gymnasium area for any sort of activity, batting cages, indoor/outdoor pool, wine cellar, nice bar, wood shop, monster aquarium, petting zoo (nothing too crazy or exotic).

Stables for a few horses and also a barn for some livestock. 

A garage big enough for 6 - 8 vehicles. Nothing fancy, just family vehicles and a few of additional toys.

Oh yea, a pump track and an in door velodrome.

honestus -

10,000 acres on all sides and a 3,000 acre fresh water lake 

Same, but also a few miles of a large stream/small river so i could also get into fly fishing/trout

With a normal house, couple beds and bathrooms, basement, nice kitchen

Maybe a couple garages/shops for various hobbies and storage

Im sure id buy a bunch of guns and 4 wheelers and a boat for the lake

That's about it really

Full outdoor kitchen with evo griddle, smoker and propane grill, saltwater pool, sauna.

But the biggest expense would be the massive commercial-quality gym. 

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Multiple wings, so Huma can’t meet the new girlfriend.

NerveBlock -

Full outdoor kitchen with eco griddle, smoker and propane grill, saltwater pool, sauna.

But the biggest expense would be the massive commercial-quality gym. 

My neighbor at my lake house has an outside kitch like you described. It’s impressive.


edit: and a bidet 

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cruedi - great whiskey

Cigar lounge that would be a secret room behind a bookcase that opens up when you pull out a certain book with walk in humidor and a very large whiskey/bourbon collection. Probably a lot of stuff made from mahogany for some reason

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Harem of panda bitches to spoon feed me honey straight out of my vault of beehives

And a room with an arcade cabinet of street fighter 2 turbo, and tmnt turtles in time.


Easy....penis reduction.....

Outdoor gun range that I can practice long distance shooting and run and gun tactics. Big workshop, like barn sized, with a covered walkway to the main house. Detached dedicated gym, around 1500 sql, also connecting to the house and workshop with covered walkways. Lots of acreage with mix of open grass, well kept woods that’s easy to walk through, and park like settings where it’s grass with sprinkling of trees here and there for shade but not so tightly packed as trees in the woods.

Jiu jitsu gym 


Olympic sized pool for laps. 


A golf hole with multiple tees. And a simulator inside with a bar for rainy days.

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I would love to make my deck a wraparound covered porch. And I'll need to renovate the basement bathroom before my kid is a teenager, I'm sure. 

If we're taking ridiculous money, I'd buy my neighbors house and build a garage and large greenhouse on that lot

Modest house on water, maybe intercoastal. My own little piece of property. 20 foot cruising boat I can fish on. 

House will 3/4 bedrooms. When u walk in front door you can see through living room/kitchen all open to the sliding glass doors all the way across the opposite wall as front door. You will see the deck the pool the firepit w a dope couch thats kind of buried down 2 feet.  The pool will have a hot tub. Huge TV and sick sound system.

Showers will all have multiple high powered jets.  Nice grille. Sick sound system thru house. Wine fridge. Cool art on walls. My guitars on display and my girl sitting on couch asking to give me a blowjob after cooking my dinner.

Cash in bank. Live off interest once house is paid in full.  Same cars clothes and “shit”.

Will give as much as I can to family members, some friends who were there for me in the past for real and start a small boxing gym where guys pay donations to work out. A place where guys who are afraid and weak to learn to have some self love and for badasses who are friends of mine to get nasty as fuck before fights ( and to give a few trainers I know a place to train no matter how they fuck up sans stealing or punching clients) 

If I was trump- I would get a truck w huge trailer. In it 2 mobile showers, two barber chairs and equip, mobile grille and PA system to once a week offer food live music a shower a haircut n shave to anyone who wants to feel alive for the day.  

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Traditionalist -

Some cool shit I always wanted:

- Secret Rooms (like bookshelf doors and shit)

- 'Man' Office (A kick ass office with fridge, a couple computers, couch, nice chair, possible urinal, small bar. Work from home really changed my perception of needs) 

- Large Property (I dont want acres for my home, necessarily. But I want a decent size piece of land)

- Privacy and Security (Large wood fence or concrete, flood lights, etc. I also love the fortress idea). 

- Heated Driveway 

- Trapdoor Floor Panic Room (Think a floor cellar, but a floor panic room)

- Steamroom / Sauna 

- Indoor Pool and Gym

- A 30,000 + Massage Chair (they make them) 

Plus what ever pointless shit my wife wants. 

I’ve got a $1700 massage chair that is magnificent.  

Like others:

safe rooms



indoor pool/sauna/steam

fitness facility 

Multihead shower

onsite masseuse 

if I had fuck you money, I’d build a totally self sustaining house underground beneath my house.  Just in case.  

Nothing, I'd still live poor with roomates and not own anything neccessary I can't stuff into a car to move at a moment's notice, or sell off/store to take off to anywhere in the world for whatever reason whenever I felt like it.  

Freedom is priceless. 

If we are talking F You money, I'd buy some houses of typically over $1 mil in various countries around the world that will grant citizenship.    

And an underground facility built like Nuke Silo or Rogan's podcasting studio/Bunker or buy into one, but the companies that do that give the lists to various agencies....

Oil paintings with eye holes cut out for me to monitor people in the hallways