You go Royler

Punk wasn't there. Royler was showing the sweep,making a point that it works on big guys too! :)

kbhat, you going to HnS?

Master Musashi, HB Punk is a Cleber student, and a teammate. I would think he would know what the context of those photos are more than you just looking at them and drawing conclusions.


TTT for Roleta

i think the camera angle was changed. look at the angle in comparison to the wall. my question is, how did the camera man move back and forth so quickly, yet still get good pics??!?!?

no shame

Thats not a kid. Thats Clebber Luciano.

Hahaha . I bet that guy would kill Royler if they started standing. Did you see his pathetic takedown attempts against Sak? Imagine him trying to take down that guy with his technique. Wouldn`t happen without a board.

I think Royler weighs around 143lbs-148lbs. I saw him at a seminar recently, and he kept 230lbs. guy in his guard, while the guy used all his strength to try and pass. The big dude was pretty strong and muscular too. I was very impressed with Royler, to say the least.

That guy he is rolling a purple belt

In the first pic Royler looks like a little monkey because of how he is sitting.

While i do respect Royler's abilities, it's not hard to sweep a willing UKE no matter how big they are. Now if they were actually ROLLING and Royler swept him i'd be very impressed.

Cool Pics!

put that boy on a diet

We're gonna have a real good time!" - Wendy Torrance on there future stay at the Overlook Hotel

Wow! Great pics. Thanks.

LOL @ Wasabi,

That was one of the few times that I actually did laugh out loud while reading!

im 160 and swept a 260 pounder one time, although nothing compared to royler's sweep, haha

Royler using his attack/sweeping techniques to sweep a huge Purple Belt Mike Lindemar From adcombat...Babalou...........

It's true... it's true.


I think that's Tra Telligman in the bottom picture.