You Got to be in it to win it !!!!!!!!!!

Men's 140, 150, 160 and 170 are all full with 16 athletes per weight.-

-Still openings at 180, 190, 200, 215 and Heavyweights along with all Women, Teens and Youth Divisions. -

good fights TTT

man...still cant watch the kids

razord - man...still cant watch the kids
We now have our 1st generation of adult fighters who grew up with this league since 2002.

Most are doing great and still very involved with the sport, some at a very high level!.

Injuries are exactly the same as in wrestling and we are safer than footbal. 

This is a Martial Art and discipline and respect is expected by all competitors. Trying to break the thug type colture.


razord - man...still cant watch the kids

yeah but truth be told...this was COMMONplace Greek sports/martial training hence "pankration" at early ages in lives of youth

k, so how is that not MMA without punches to the face, on the ground?

blah, blah, blah pankration existed before I was a sparkle in my daddy's eyes...I know, I know. Having said that, MMA is what pankration is called today so why not call it MMA with additional rules?

Well now that I think of it that's kind of a long name and Pankration is shorter so I guess I stand corrected. Nevermind.

Some legit skills in that video.