You guys are great!

"Around The World In 80 days- 2006 Edition" featuring Evan Tanner!!

For Captain Nigel

TTT FOR TANNER...YOU ROCK!!! When are we going to see you next?

evan is a real man, willing to live the life he chooses despite social stigmas and without fear of the opinions of others.

he also willingly serves himself up for some sweet photoshopping.

a fearless man.

i will always be a fan.

Mr. Tang -

AHAHAHAHAHAHA that is fuckin great!

Evan, can't wait to see you back

Thank you deadtired.

This one is inspired by master tang.

More for that dirty bastard Nigel -

Costanza. lol

holy shit LOL

more cowbell

rotflmfao @ the simon & garfunkel & the cowbell gifs of evan, shit that is funny!!!!!!!!!!

ttt for Evan Tanner and Ryan Adams

TTT, what a good sport Evan is!

you're d'man Evan.

come back and whatever you want

Evan Tanner = Greatest American Hero

greatest american hero

and also --


Thanks in advance, rich people.


for Nigel Tufnel, blind:


HEY EVAN you been training or what?hopefully you know you got people who care about you..i hope you find yourself it seems like your a little lost right now ,i've been there.i think we all have...hang in there guy