You guys ever go to Boxing Forum?

I like to hang out in there sometimes, and I've noticed the traffic has been really slow for about the last month. I just thought I'd remind some of you that its there

I went there....but Gator ran me off :(

Yeah the new style of hides the smaller forums, heres a good boxing forum

lol, Gator is an ass. please come back

I ccheck it out from time to time... I wish there was more stuff about training and technique...

There are much better boxing forums out there with more unbiased, knowledgable posters.

well there are good posters here who just avoid the boxing forum cause of the trolls


used too

I miss the archived threads... The boxing forum had some GREAT archived threads. Although stickgrappler's site is really good, too

What is up with the "guys" thing??? You know there are girls too!!

sits back & watches Lit' miss muffet flex her tuffet

I spend most of my time in the "What If" forum now. I'd like to thank the Rogue Moderator for introducing that forum to me.

Gary Hughes


I post there for technical questions.Theres no trolls on that fourm .