You guys know nothing of history..

Although LA Giant may be unskilled he got a shot because he IS racist! He has WP/NAzi tattoos. The Japanese are down with that.
Remember , Japan was Germanys main ally during World War 2.
Please discuss.

Ah, I don't think so.

I think he was a big scarey wookie looking mofo that goes down a treat with the Japanese audience.

dont be talking shit on wookies

Star Wars is very serious to me

Pride don't want everyone to win, they need some losers / heels as well. LA Giant fits the bill - looks hard but is pretty much just a walking punching bag.

Wes Simms is the UFC's equivalent....

whoe the OC Giant

the OC giant. lol

LOL at this thread

LA Giant needs to fight Rampage Jackson next

It would look like a fight scene from the TV show OZ :)

Bob Sapp would also be a good opponent for LA Giant

rampage and Giant!! Perfect. It would be like the movie "the great white hype"!!

SO funny.
LA Giant could bring a cross to the ring like Kimo.

Then light it on fire!! lol

instead of the Lee Murray mask, a klan hood

oh god. help.





The japanese are down w/ freekshows, not some bullshit from 55 years ago.

"The japanese are down w/ freekshows, not some bullshit from 55 years ago."

exactley-japanese arent down neo-nazism anyways.

lol. Nice troll job.

This coming from a guy that trained with Fujita for his fight against Mayfield at Inoki Bom Ba Ye.


hmmm, i am trolling. but japan, italy , and germany were the axis powers that fought the allies. until the wops bitched out.

what are schools in alabama like??

"exactley-japanese arent down neo-nazism anyways".

When I lived there, I met a few older Jap's that were all about the nazi shit. They even threw up the hand and said the "hail" shit to show their loyalty. Needless to say it scared me a bit.

Well, Rampage-LA Giant could be for the benefit of Pride's American fanbase.

Pride's prez said they were going to make more of an effort to make fights that Americans would like to see's there chance

LMAO at ocbadapple....LA Giant would probably bring a noose along with that burning cross

I think it would be funny to see Rampage beat the crap out of that guy

I dont think anyone wants to see LA giant again.