You guys stay classy after Duffman beats Reem!!!!!

Seriously, I mean this!

I know that some people are counting the Duffman out here, but really, I'm calling for all UGers to stay classy after the Duffman beats the Reem. The reason?

I predict that after Duffee KO's Overeem in round 1 that a lot of people will come on here and like they were eagerly waiting the whole time, so antsy to tell people:



^^^To idiots to say that, actually, yes, he quite was top 10 according to official ranking sites that place him currently at number 7 or 8 on most ranking lists.

Also, what the idiots who will crap on Alistair for this lost don't realize is that by doing so they are doubly shitting all over Duffee's achievement!

Don't take away from Todd's achievement on NYE! Instead, come on here and say wow, Todd just beat a serious Heavyweight contender and is now a serious threat himself. I mean, how do you take that Duffee beating up on Russow for 3 rounds and then getting caught and KO'd means that Duffee suddenly sucks? I'd give Duffee good odds to beat Schaub, Mir, Nelson, Brock, and Nogueira, to be honest. Russow probably would beat Brock too if he could weather the early storm, the same for Carwin! He only has one loss in 14 fights with an 84% finish rate!

You guys may not realize this, but MMA is not some ridiculous fantasy world like Dragon Ball Z where guys have power levels so this guy could never eat that guy. No, Fedor could fight Justin McCully and get caught with an insane 1 miracle punch 2.0 and be out like blown circuit!

This is MMA. Alistair is ranked highly, but the Duffman has lethal lunch pales of lead in his hands and the athleticism to beat up a bear, so don't be surprised if the Duffman becomes the great equalizer to the threat that is the Reem.

Just remember, if you support Duffman who is a fellow UGer, you will not bash Alistair under any circumstances! You cannot support Duffman simultaneously while bashing the Reem, because by bashing the Reem, you're saying that Duffee beat subpar competition and berating his accomplishment!

Duffman by KO into 3 minutes and 27 seconds into round 1!!!!

Bluenamer please:

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