You guys were right about ZMA

I started taking it three days ago and I had some crazy vivid
One after another and I do feel more rested.. I barley started taking glutamine as well and feel pretty recovred the next day

I want to start taking it, but my dreams are so vivid that it's almost too much for me already.

What's the expense per month for you?

I actually forgot how much I paid for

The first night I started taking it it was pretty intense .. I had about 20 different dreams back to back and I was real tired also when I woke up.. it just mad me mellow and real tired.. but I feel rested now.. I think I may have paid like 25.00 for a months supply

what is it supposed to do?

Apparently, studies have shown that zinc and magnesium become deficient in athletes who constantly train in an intense regimen. Hence, the supplementation. Not sure what magnesium does, but zinc helps maintain optimum immune system levels, plus plays a huge role in proper sexual function.

I feel rested when I take it, so it's great to have. I actually look forward to the vivid dreams, as I went through years of not dreaming a darned thing.

I'm going through years of waking up from terrible nightmares. If they have anything for that, let me know.

Other than alcohol and illegal narcotics of course.

lol @ vidid dreams.

May try this some day top check it out.


BajaBryan - I checked it out, it's more for people who can't sleep. I can sleep, I just remember way too much of my dreams when I do. I don't think taking a sleep aid is the way to go. Thanks for the thought though.

I have problems, in that I don't follow normal patterns of falling into levels 1-2-3-4 of sleep. When I'm doing bad I get what feels like sleep paralysis. When I'm less worse, I feel tired a bit in the morning when I woke up, kinda like I was studying in my sleep.

I can lucid dream like 90 though, so it has benefits.

They say .. who they is I have no idea..but that ZMA boost immune system, helps repair tissue and helps build muscle in a couple of different ways

Does anybody know what the purported biochemical effect of
ZMA is with respect to claims that it raises free testosterone
levels? With my limited knowledge of biochemistry, I don't
see how this supplement could really do that.

Just add Eye of Newt and stir.

The guy who invented(or mixed, actually) this stuff and made all the wild claims is the same guy who was indicted in the Barry Bonds steroid ring sting. He was pumping steroids(allegedly) into his athletes and saying, "Look what ZMA can do for you!"

Not saying it doesn't work, as I take it. I definitely notice a difference when I don't take it, mainly in quality/ability to sleep. I still wake up multiple times per night due to a worn out mattress.