You Guys Who Wouldn’t Bone a Black Babe

Lean on a strippers “tracks” while shes earning her 350 Roses and watch a bitch act like Popeyes ran outta chicken

Asante sana!

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I have no attraction to Black women. Don’t know why, I just don’t.

BUT, I used to eat lunch all the time with a VERY attractive Black Women (dyke) I worked with. We had a bunch of weird encounters with Black People who assumed we were dating. (Honestly, this was close 20 years ago, now.) If she was homely, I doubt any of the brothers would have cared.

But the amount of both Black Men & women who would comment walking by us was really eye opening. Unfortunately, my friend was combative as hell and would say, “Excuse me, what did you say…?”

Seems like a pain in the ass to date a Black woman, even if you find them attractive.

Lil Kim black?

Lil Kim GIF by BET Hip Hop Awards

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I’d bone about 1%, the rest nobody wants not even the black guys.

Fatima Diame, yes please!


Lots of black chicks I find hot. Not Simon Biles because she’s 4’11 and a ball of complete muscle.

But I’d have to bang here do to the fact my daughter competes nationally in gymnastics and she’s the GOAT.

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Simone’s a dark sista, live me some Cacao Bittersweet cocoa but they are always trying to lighten up her skin tone on all of the posters and advertisements they use her in. The handful of gymnasts that I’ve been with have all fucked like demons, so I don’t mind a little muscle butts.

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Bet that burned like a motherfucker.

Stumbled across this soup worthy sweetie just now…and she’s married to a white guy! I’ve got a chance :rofl::rofl:

Vashtie Kola…apparently she’s a dj or something


Pam Grier all time great!


draya michele fine ass girls GIF





She looks a little Downsy but still wood

Steve Harvey’s daughter is also pretty good looking

You wouldnt let a huge forehead stop you now would ya?!