You Have Covid: What Do You Do?

I told em Joe had a doc prescribe Ivermitcin. at least some vitamin C. and D, and a cogestive steroid for breathing.

I didnt do a whole lot when I had it. Laid on the couch, kept taking a daily multi vitamin, and took the occasional Tylenol to help with my fever. I felt pretty shitty for a solid week and dealt with a wide array of symptoms, but never had any problems breathing or anything like that.

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I pretty much have had the same experience, it was pretty shitty, and I’m at about a week now. My energy levels and things still aren’t 100%, and obviously have no smell. I’m not vaccinated

I have spend 3-4weeks with three Italians, one of them had covid, well in my opinion it was usual flu, he drank few times a lot with one friend, and winter was cold, -20c about 0 fahreint, dude was with shoes for summer, he definetly weakened his immunity system with alcohol and when got cold feet few times, he even asked me if im not scared to get covid from him, well i didnt said to him that i dont believe that shit
You will be alright, dont eat too much, light stomatch helps body to fight all sort of stress and shit, take a nap here and there

The worst of my symptoms were gone at about a week but I didn’t feel back to 100% for about 2 weeks. Energy and smell/taste were the last things to return. I only lost smell/taste towards the end of it for 3 -4 days. My wife still doesn’t really have hers back now at a month later.

And I’m not vaccinated either. Hope ya feel better, sounds like you’re through the worst of it for sure.

Nothing. It’s a fucking flu (to the healthy).

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I had it, I basically just went about my daily life except didn’t leave the property for 2 weeks. It wasn’t too terrible.

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Rogan also got the monoclonal antibody treatment.


I had it and thought it was a sinus infection. When the infection didn’t go away after two rounds of antibiotics and the loss of my taste and smell, I realized it was something more. It felt like nothing I’d ever had. I’ve had the flu amongst other respiratory infections. But I beat it with Advil, antibiotics, and a steam shower. Boat loads of hydration. If I had known what it was from the beginning, I would have taken more vitamins, monoclonal antibody treatment, and ivermectin.

I had it and didnt change my routine at all.

Dry cough, aches and pains, no fever.

I take vitamin D, magnesium, and a multi.

The cough lasted weeks but the other symptoms went away in 4 days tops.

I had it in the beginning of august. Felt like a weaker flu and lasted two weeks.

  1. took extra vitamins (zinc, c, d)
  2. drank tons of water and tea
  3. slept a lot
  4. did breathing treatment (boiled water, added mint and tumeric, breathed in every night for like 10 mins)

That’s basically all I did. Never close to going to the hospital.

providone nasal rinse and CPC mouthwash (scope or similar) three times a day. anyone mention NAC?

protocol on the iodine is on the fllllc website. VERY effective. Great studies behind it.

Thanks man, and I guess we’ll see! Everyday feeling a bit more energized, and I swear I get tiny tastes and smells or things for a split second every now and then, when everything’s open just right lol, it’s weird.

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