you knew it was coming

Kongo the man who beat CC and was the next great HW proving pride was dead, etc.... just lost to herring, a virtual gatekeeper in pride

does it prove pride is better in every division? no. It shows anything can happen in a fight.

only thing we know for sure is black house team is fucking nasty, Nog and Silva champs, Machida one fight away from a title shot... Lil Nog hopefully will be signed soon. Just amazing for this new powerhouse team.

Herring now 2-2 in the UFC, good to see him back in the mix

as a pride fan however i must point out that herring (beat Kongo) and werdum (beat gonzaga) are the most logical contenders for the belt and it seems the hw division at the top is all pride pretty much confirming that pride has always had the better HWs... wish randy would honor the last fight on his contract, avoid all the legal trouble and go fight the second greatest fighter of all time already though