You know what the world needs more of?

Badass adult T-shirts that have dinosaurs on them. I am so sick of kids getting to wear the coolest looking shit and me just owning 5 pairs of jeans and 10 white tshirts! I am ready to strike back! And this time, its personal!

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I couldn’t pull that off, but I’m happy for you kirki j!!

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You buy your clothes at Walmart, don’t you?

@NEFARIOUS of course you could pull that off! You are handsome as 10 movie stars and could any OGers ass!

Who would ever stop you!

And remember, this time its personal!

Just do like me and cut the sleeves off.

That small act can turn an otherwise unwearable shirt, into an afternoon of masculine greatness!


No faggot. I go to the most expensive store in the world to buy cheap jeans and plain white tee’s… OF COURSE I GO TO WALMART.


What bullshit. You have at least half a dozen wolf themed t-shirts, no doubt.

@onepunchJD , I do believe I like you sir.

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Maybe one lol. Let me find it and I’ll take a pic lol

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scene predator GIF

This guy was always my fav.


@Homelander , its wrinkled because i wore it on a date over the weekend :joy:

Good call on your part!

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I was sure the answer was Chicken in a Biskit.

@Kirik_Jr @onepunchJD you guys have neber left down, so Imma try it this weekend!