You know what the world needs more of?

@thedogofdogs , I’m a classy man. Nothing but the finest threads for this guy!

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its always sunny in philadelphia GIF

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Get out of here. Just dinos? You need at least a wolf and an eagle and grizzly and a anteater tee shirt!

Scroll up goofball. I already posted a pic of my wolf shirt lol

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How does social distancing work at Golden Corral?

@Homelander , I dont social distance because I’m too manly for that garbage. I especially dont social distance at my favorite place to eat, Golden Corral!

Bro you are on a roll. It’s like you know my whole life story!

You know me. I want all the pics. Not just one animal. All of them!

Sorry @BailmeOut ! Right now I only have a wolf shirt. But I am looking to invest in some cool new threads to spice up my image.

So there will be many more animal shirts.

I thought it would be more cowbell but dino and wolf shirts work too…

I really thought you were going to say Cowbell

Oh, if they only made HippoPig shirts! I’d wear one…

Me too…

@RhinoHog , well you thought wrong pal. I spit on your cowbell. I was talking dino shirts! And this time… ITS PERSONAL!

I said Dino AAAAND wolf shirts work… You got some beef ???

My mistake. As I have previously stated, i am just a simple oaf.

I got so mad when i saw cowbell that i was blinded to your dino shirt and wolf shirt allowance.

Many apologies. I’ll have @NiteProwleR send you a dick pic. Will that make us even?

Then I’ll owe you… You offer too much…

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Another list I didn’t make :disappointed_relieved:

One day bro…one day…

P[quote=“onepunchJD, post:9, topic:3663543, full:true”]

Just do like me and cut the sleeves off.

That small act can turn an otherwise unwearable shirt, into an afternoon of masculine greatness!


Singed or frayed? I found that frayed jorts have a profound effect on lifeguards at the public swimming hole.

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Lol this would be your date shirt smh you piece of white trash :joy: