**You people WANT CROCOP to lose??

Did you even watch the fihgt? Look who was celebrating and who was really pissed off.Ofcourse Vanderlei would celebrate, he's the pride champ otherwise he would lose face. But, wait a minute! If Crocop was the one celebrating then you would all say he's being cocky. Double standard.Did Fedor ever call out Mino. HELL NO.Fedor didnt have to, he was given a shot at Mino after only 2 fights in Pride whereas Mirko had 5 fights in Pride (3 wins and 2 ties due to rules) and still no title shot, and lets not forget Mirko's 2 MMA wins over Inoki's boy, Fujita. After demonstrating his skill numerous times he wanted what he thought he deserved. It was no disrespect to Fedor - it could have been anyone who was the champ at the time, Crocop just wanted a title shot. There is nothing wrong with having desire or ambition. Did you even know that Crocop and his nutriders were saying Fedor was ducking him. What a f^%&%ing disrespect!!!Was it Crocop saying that or was it his nuthuggers? There is a difference.So what do you say about those flying kisses toward Wanderlei?What would you say about those deadly staredowns Vanderlei gives as if he is the baddest man on the planet? Mirko was simply showing that he has no fear and that Vanderlei's antics mean shit.


"I bet everyone talking shit about Mirko was on his nut last month."

No, I've always disliked him.

I have always liked Mirko and will continue to cheer for him. He will be back.


Anyone who would enter the ring to "Wild Boys" deserves to get his ass kicked!

j/k. Next to Vanderlei, CroCop is my favorite fighter. I sincerely hope he comes back and beats some ass so that Pride will be dominated by elite strikers in both weight classes.