You’re a 40 year old single man with 50k in the bank total

You’re currently living at your moms crib and she wants you out in less than 2 months. You have a job making 50k a year as a delivery driver. A job you don’t like very much. You have some college credits but no degree. So thats 50k total in the bank and you make 50k a year. You have own a car which is paid off. Right now you have zero debt of any kind. What’s your first move? How do you spend the 50k? Do you rent or buy a place? Do you buy stocks? How do you become a success with what you’re currently working with?

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Look up Dave Ramsey


I’d take steps towards getting a degree ASAP that pays six figures or more. Whether that’s 2 year, some kind of cert or bootcamp, or a 4 year degree.

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Those numbers dont mean anything with the context of the cost of living in your area.

You don’t gotta dox yourself just lets hear about rent and groceries cost and shit if you want real advice :slight_smile:


Is that possible to do working full time and having to pay a rent/mortgage?

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I’m in Illinois right outside Chicago

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I still dont know how expensive that is bro lol

Ok here is some general advice I think most old guys would agree with

Try your best to be able to pay your bills for 6 months if you lose your job.

That’s a savings level you can reasonably expect to get you thru some tough times.

Other than that, think real hard about what you need vs what you want and about the benefits of delayed gratification.

I dont know your age or situation this is just general shit you may or may not know, best wishes.

Question: Does your job allow you to relocate or are you planning on staying there?

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Yep, actually. But it’s a bitch. But it’s basically the most important grind of your life, and it’s fleeting. 4 years flies by. Hell, even if it took you five, go for it.

Try and get a job that’ll help pay or entirely pay for the degree.

If you’re trying to go to a university and get a 4 yr degree, then you can get possibly get a waiver and take classes part time too. Like 1-3 classes a semesters. So there’s no excuse. A lot of schools are online now obviously, and even before the pandemic, places like Georgia Tech, which is a top 5 school for some majors, had excellent online only programs.

Nytron cant answer that for you. He has no idea what you would go to school for or anything. It’s up to you to do the math. With 22 years in the work force you have accumulated 50k and a paid off car. That’s just not enough to show for 22 years. Live below you means. Delay gratification. Really count every dollar in and out. Take control of your shit and stop acting like it’s out of your hands. And no borrowing money. These intentional details is what separates people’s net worth by hundreds of thousands and millions. Most millionaires are normal people that make 50k a year. they put 7% of their paycheck into their 401k for 30 years.


came here to say this. did it with my MBA which is how i landed my first high paying job. i did it all at night with a full time job and a girlfriend (now my wife). no real commitments other than helping my sick parents at the time. if you’re single, you can do it. just don’t go into debt, or just make sure it’s not a lot of debt.

start with knocking out your basics at a junior college. it’s cheap and their easier there. apply to a well known state school in your state like, the university of ________ or ________ state. in state tuition is pretty cheap. or, look to other states with reciprocal programs that offer degrees online. there are many.

unless you’re working for a big logistics company with opportunities to advance without a degree, you’re likely trapped. take the first step. enroll in fall classes at a juco.

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Find a new mom.


I got an engineering degree on the side while working full time as an engineer.

Get a job in HVAC. There is a extreme shortage in techs and its not getting better. My friends son who just graduated HS got a entry level job at a HVAC company that started at $20 a hour with as much OT as he wants.


over 40, or close to it? You might be able to join the military, if you are under still. Or French Foreign Legion.


With 50K in the bank. I would move to Bali Indonesia. You can live very well on just 10K a year. I would move there and get something going online (digital expat).

use 10-20K to make one of those van homes

trade skill. 0 debt, 4 years at half pay & benifits, after that you’re journeyman and making bank.

go to

start getting college level business courses for free, go into business for yourself, run a crew, invest into index funds, gold, silver, firearms and bitcoin at reasonable levels.

Cash buy the shittiest one bedroom condo for sale in your town.

I would strongly advise against a 4 year, go to a trade school. Get a degree in two years or less. As stated above HVAC is a great choice due to shortages in the field. Also you could get your cdl in about 8 weeks withing a few years you could be making pretty good bank, I live in the Gulf Coast an work refinrys an bring in good money with a HS diploma only and cost of living is still reasonable.


The housing market is a dumpster fire right now. I would rent the cheapest place that’s not a total dump or unsafe due to its location. Then I would enroll in a trade school that seems like the best fit for you. I would live a basic existence and work hard and study hard. In a few years you should still have your $50k in the bank and a marketable skill. Then I would put a down payment on a house and become a homeowner. Then I would finally see my mom happy that I made a success out of myself.