You’re a 40 year old single man with 50k in the bank total

But what trade doesn’t involve back breaking physical labor? Are there any trades that are computer based?

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Dude, you work for FedEX… there are corporate desk jobs within the company that you can apply for. You should visit the FedEx job site or talk to your manager/supervisor for opportunities. To my knowledge some companies give perferences for in-house employees.

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You’ll have to transition from wearing out your body to wearing out your mind each day.
There are definitely paths to do this. I went for a BS in Mechnical engineering with guys who were in their late 30s to early 50s. They bit the bullet and went from 2011-2015 and graduated as did I.
They all have jobs in mechanical engineering at places like Intel and Blue Origin. Some with engineering manager titles.
You can do it, you’ve just got to commit and overcome fear.

Hahahaha. I dont even know what to say to this. I dont know what your idea of hard work is. Finish carpentery, sheet metal and HVAC. Electrical work is fucking gravey.

I bounce back and fourth between concrete and finish carpentry/ architectural sheet metal. Sheet metal and finish work is absolutely gravey train by my standards.

HVAC, commercial electrical work, stuff like that isnt really hard. Half of those dudes play hide and seek for 40 hours a week and bring home 80-90 bucks an hour total package.

I went back to school at 40 and got a Computer Information Systems degree. I have an IT job with a contractor with the military. You can definitely go back to school. It’s a pain in the ass but completely doable.


I’ve already told you what to do, Blade Brown!

Hey dude, what happened to your last thread asking for relationship advise?

Did you salvage your relationship to that Philipina with a kid? Did you throw your last joint in the garbage as we suggested?

I did not know weed addiction existed but since getting into the business I have met some people that spend tremendous amounts of $ on it and are stoned out of their minds all day. That is no way to live and women don’t find that hot at all.

What happened with her family? Did they take you back? Shit dude I did not know you had so many problems (this thread), please don"t disappear again after we give you pages and pages of good advise !

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Are you still using the same processor ?

Best ?

Buy something. Don’t throw your money away on rent. You’ll never get it back. You could always sell and get you money back if you had to. Get a 2 bedroom, rent one out to help cover your mortgage

Get an in with some guys in the know. Grab two kilos of the good stuff, you’ll have 20k to spare if they are nice. Flip that 50k (for the sake of argument) nasal nectar by the g or ball and you’ll be sitting on a quarter mill before you know it. Also op is an enormous faggot and his YT videos are for the AIDS ridden.

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Buy a house. Not your dream home but own something that appreciates and that builds equity.

The rest is about how much you can save. Not how much you earn.

Set aside 10k or so and invest. Index fund is fine and low effort

Invest in your retirement. Roth IRA is the way to go for you. You pay tax now, but you don’t when you’re withdrawing in the future and that’s when you’ll want every last cent.

I was around 37, I’m 40 now (I think, might be 39) and I had a measly 33k or something in a 401k from my old pipefitting/welding job. I’ve always made good money but had nothing to show, still dont.

However, I read the BogleHeads book and hit up their forum. They told me the first steps are always to max your 401k which is $19,500/year and open and max a ROTH IRA which is $6,000 a year. So thats what I’ve been doing. I wasn’t able to max both of these the until this year. I have now have like $130k saved.

You want to max the 401k first because it is a tax write off, well that is my understanding anyways, so it will lower your yearly income and you will pay less taxes and get a decent return. Unless you are smart enough to nail your tax percentages (which I’m not). Now take that tax return and drop it into your 401K once you get it.

Remember a tax return isn’t to buy a new TV, etc. it’s the money you paid the government too much of.

I’m still trying to figure out what to with the rest of my money now, so this thread is good for me as well. I move every couple years so buying rentals doesn’t seem like the greatest idea for me because I don’t want to have a bunch located all over the place.

My end goal is finding some property in East Tennessee out in the mountains or just away from people and building a house. I’ve been looking at properties now. I’m really not sure if I should invest what I have now or buy a property to sit on for 10 years, when my wife retires from the military.


Go to junior/community college for first 2 years then transfer to a public state university. That is your cheapest legitimate route to a bachelor degree.

If you’re smart and good at math I recommend studying computer science or engineering. That is your fastest path to make 6-figures.

After you snagged your first engineering job, move to Silicon Valley and join a company that will give you RSU and is growing quickly. You will easily be making over 200k in a few years.

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This is one of the five locations I’m looking at. Our stories sound pretty much the same minus the military wife.

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buy a sailboat! learn to sail!

the freedom and women that come with it are just tops.

its my “retirement plan” within the next few years.


My 10 year plan for sure. A small home and a sailboat. I will live on one and rent the other.


its never too late brotha! dont sell yourself short!

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ya man. good call.

I dont know why more people dont go the sailing route. yes its “difficult” at times and it isnt for everyone but if youre looking for low budget freedom (real freedom) nothing beats it imo.

my rough plan is to buy a oneway plane ticket to _____, buy a sailboat and start our journey back to BC Canada. which could take 3-5 years depending on our spending habits etc.


Regarding the military wife? I’ve been trying to get my wife to see the value in a sister wife.


agreed haha.

chicks just dont know how good they could have it!