You’re a 40 year old single man with 50k in the bank total

So far everyone but some dirt workers at Malcom. Fucking scabs lol.

Whilst I may not be happy with the people running this shit, and things got heated where I was today. Im in it to win it regardless how retardedI feel the council is and how I feel they dont truly want this to succeed! We shut down the largest job in the westcoast today. And it will probably be like that for a while lol.

About to go to bed and go get hit 'em again bright and and early. Well early at least lol.

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Are you out at the big one in Redmond?

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Yup. Thats also where I work hahaha.

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I think I could have my bought carpenter card. I spent 20 years doing carpentry, but mainly house framing and small foundations. Had a good friend I bet you would know who was a union carpenter, I don’t know how to spell his name but he was little short funny dude name Kai. I think thats how you spell it.

You ever work for GM? I worked with quite a few carpenters over the years down at US Oil. Fuck my memory is getting bad I can’t remember anyones name.

Perhaps you’re at the third stage of syphilis :joy:

Once you start seeing these paychecks every week it changes your mindset. Especially, once you start getting double time. I think my most hours was 111 getting foreman wages.

I know some welders who worked like 30+ hour shifts. My record shift was 28 during a swap from night shift to day shift.

I bet @MXR has some crazy hour statistics. Big shutdowns are fun to me.