You’re a 40 year old single man with 50k in the bank total

I quit my job and went back to school, did an MBA, racked up debt as I wasn’t working, got out, got a good job. This was when I was in my mid 30s. Increased my salary by multiple fold. Not sure you can do the same thing though since my MBA was 1 year and tuition was only a few thousand. That’s hard to find. Got loans and lived off savings so the 50k could be used for that.

If you think 50k is gonna make you rich by investing the odds are higher that you lose it all by trying to get rich.

Dave Ramsey is for people in debt. OP doesn’t need to call him.

I house hack a duplex. Buy a duplex, rent half out, live in half. Now you are living rent free in your own house.


Need more info…40 years old and always lived with mom and only saved $50k? Or some other sort of life story?

Nah he’s not just about debt. He’s about gaining wealth too. OP had a question of to buy or rent a house. Ramsey talks about that all the time.

There could be plenty of reasons. Failed business venture, divorce, etc.

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Move to Thailand. Eat cheap, get a shemale girlfriend, live in a 1 bedroom apt.

$50k should last you 10+ years.

When the money runs out. Shotgun to the dick.


I know there can be plenty of reasons, but I think knowing the reason would be required to be able to give advice on what to do.

I’d get a dog and a race car.


I’d rent. Wouldn’t buy in Illinois. Take 20k and buy silver and/or gold. Losing 5% a year having your savings in cash. That will be your savings/insurance fund. Then your sitting on 30k. Take 25k and buy some index funds. Keep 5k in cash.

I’d have a 401k. And a Roth IRA set up. Max those to keep your tax bills down. And invest accordingly.

On the side I’d learn a skill. College is a scam. Technical school training would be better.


Go learn a trade.

Work hard. Fuck hoes. Enjoy your life.

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Dave Ramsey teaches you how to not be poor. His steps for gaining wealth are so fucking miserable that I’d rather just be poor without all the bullshit. If you have to watch every nickel for 40-50 years you aren’t doing well and you’ve never even lived. I can’t imagine being one of his disciples and then dying early or having bad health as an older person. All you would have done for your entire life is pinch pennies and be miserable.


He just says dont buy new cars and dont take out loans. Besides that invest 15% of income. That’s not miserable haha.

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House hack - buy a du,tri-four-plex and live in one unit and rent the rest to cover your mortgage or, hopefully, profit. Once that is covered, I’d try to find a better job / career like; maybe a trade that doesn’t require years of schooling.

You have 50k sitting in the bank? You’re losing money due to inflation. What you want to do is lend that money out, at a pretty high interest rate.

You can lend your money out and receive it back the very next day and charge 10 - 20% for the favor. And you don’t have to take their word for it that they’ll give it back. As soon as you lend it to them the money gets taken out of their bank account and the very next day it gets deposited into yours.

That’s what I’m doing and I’m rich.

maybe become real estate agent?

Those people need both charisma and work ethic. Not for OP…

I agree. Like Adam carolla says, if you worry about saving the little bit of money you have and not spending, you will always be poor. Concentrate on making money instead of keeping the shit amount of money you have. And start thinking like a rich person.

That doesn’t mean be wasteful, but don’t be cutting out coupons and focusing on which day you get free fries with your burger and which day the gas station is selling 99 cent sodas.




Three letters:


Go on, sir. You have my interest.