You’re a 40 year old single man with 50k in the bank total

I know Ramsey. I’ve read his books, I’ve listened to countless hours of his radio show. He’s the guy you go to when you are 50k in the hole, not the guy you go to when you have 50k in your pocket.

OP needs to invest that money, not eat rice and beans to pay off debt. I’d tell OP to read Rich Dad Poor Dad and read up on real estate investing, particularly house hacking, and learn to invest that money. Ramsey is great for getting people with poor spending habits out of debt. He is not who you go to if you are not in financial ruin and need to learn to invest.


He’s saying he operates ATMs

Any time I’ve operated ATM’s I’ve had to pay them extra…


Haha I get that. But I want to know how one gets into it, initial startup costs, potential drawbacks, etc.

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I would take the 50k and invest half of it in mutual funds and then take the other half over to my friend Kevin Barbers who works in Securities.

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I looked into buying atms and they are super expensive and you hardly make dick.

Ramsey’s only useful for people in debt or people who need a cantankerous cult leader.

Or maybe a single woman with a high paying job and a few kids who needs somebody stable to hang around and get yelled at while taking the kids to activities. Move in with her and let the good times roll. You won’t be sorry. Promise.


Just make sure you have a delicious and nutritious meal waiting at the end of each wonderful day. Tuesday is taco nights!

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Also, convince her to save a shit load of money - you’ll get half in the divorce.

Okay. I need to rent a place. Low end decently safe.

I have a stable job that I hate, but that doesn’t fucking matter because I have A LOT of hope and excitement for my 50k. So I keep the stable job, for now.

50k can be plenty enough to work with. Do you have any hobbies or speacial areas of interest? Such as the dorks that are into flipping shoes. Or you can flip furniture. You could get a used truck and trailer and start a junk removal company on the weekends then make extra selling or scraping the stuff your paid to take until you can do it full time. Buy a food truck business.

Really there is a lot you could do but it depends on what you could find some interest in. Me personally I live in AZ. Sunny 300 days out of the year. I would buy a lawn mower, hedger, wacker, and blower and start a lawn care business. Probably cost 10k and I could make $500 a day by just myself easy.

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You need to buy and sell a piece of real estate at the right time. Before you can do that, you need to establish credit. You absolutely do not need to be going back to a college at this point. Trade school is a decent idea

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That’s four letters.


Short $HOOD

You will not be able to walk into a 6 figure job just by getting a degree. Six figure jobs happen with a degree and the work experience to support it.


Find a place with outdoor scenery I like. Take out loans and go back to school for either a trade skill, computer, or engineering degree. Train martial arts, lift, or stretch six days a week. After school enjoy the outdoors.

I know a guy who got a computer science degree at UCF. He studied cloud, security, and programming on the side. He got hired making 160k a year.

I hear that story a lot. I’ve worked in tech recruiting. People are not walking straight from graduation into 160k jobs.

Surely the guys coming out of MIT and Stanford are making close to that if not more.

Really just depends. I was surprised at how seldom college grads would fail basic coding tests during the interview process for entry level software engineer roles. It happened more often than not. I’m sure some of the people that graduate from places like that can land high paying jobs but I wouldn’t say it’s a sure thing