You realize we haven't even scratched the surface on how bad it's going to get, right?

This is what an 80 IQ looks like.

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Another unrealistic claim… a guy that has no ability to persuade or debate remarks about another’s IQ, implying superiority when the mere nature of his response proves otherwise

Yeah, yeah.

To recap: You tried to argue something that you didn’t understand, got corrected and called a retard and have been spamming retarded posts ever since, proving the original point that you are indeed a retard. Any other questions?

The incentive is his own life. A woman hiving you a reason to fight is SIMP mentality of weak men. Thats why theyre the ones who get abused by women.

Lol I didnt understand that you pick on the immigrants that are fucked because youre to weak to pick on those fucking you? No, I have no more questions kind sir.

You really think so? A man fighting for the survival of his wife and kids is SIMP behavior? I don’t think so. You must not have paid much attention in school. One of the first things an invading force does is find a repressed group of people and offer them a better way of life in exchange for their help or in exchange for their neutrality.


So now they’re just poor little immigrants being picked on? What happened to your original claim that whites are essentially just jealous because immigrants, “in a blink of an eye”, became the most powerful people in the world and established hold of “most if not all” positions of power? You know, the thing I corrected you about in the first place? Make up your mind what your arguments are before you try to argue :rofl:.

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I am not an economist (IT guy) but I think we will see gas at 10 dollars a gallon before the end of the year. The Biden admin wants gas to get prohibitively expensive. Combined with the Biden US energy policy and the Russian shit, we are going to get there.

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European Union

NAFTA. Seen to decrease labor standsrds and lead to an exodus of blue collar jobs from the USA

Belt and Road Initiative, the centerpiece of Chinese foreign policy. This puts nations in debt to China making them much easier to push a round.

NATO. Interdependence making resorting to wars to solve disputes much less likely.

Easy for NATO countries to sit there and tout their socialist economic systems when they depend on the USA and its military for protection.

Lowering barriers to migration. Ease of movement leading to mass immigration/emmigration.

Lowering barriers to the movement of goods

Agreements on environmental protection

All of these lead to a loss of power at the Nation State level. Nation States make concessions that reach a middle ground while restricting a Nations abillity to act unilaterally.

This also leads to increased beurocracy and a loss of accountability. Putting foreign leaders in charge of things and nnot being accountable to your citizens.

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You think its the "low IQ " immigrants who took power do you?


Buddy, immigrants were weaponized by the left. Their appointments are generally token appointments. The cultural shift towards propping them up is to essentially destroy and replace heritage America. Commies and faggots took control, immigrants are just the zombie hordes they manipulate with free gibs and the occasional pat on the back.


How are people like you even real



I thought the left were supposed to be the drama queens. The way you write… screams for attention. Ugh. You proved yet again that the incapable rightists and incapable leftists have more in common than theyre capable of realizing–incapibility

You are retarded.

I have got no idea how stupid you need to be to actually believe that “hard working minorities” have usurped power in this country. As I said, they were completely weaponized. The entire point of rampant immigration policy has been to drive down middle class wages and change the demographics of the country. In doing so, you secure political power by promising more and more free stuff to these people.

Minority groups are nothing more than cattle for the left.


Season 2 Lol GIF by Friends

I’d take that bet every single day. It’s completely absurd.

Issues with the economy were happening regardless and, if anything, were exacerbated by Trump’s pro-cyclical policies. We would have to reckon with inflation and near-zero interest rate policy regardless, after a decade+ of a bull run with excess liquidity. And no chance in hell Trump would have wanted to reside over QT rounds as I’m expecting Biden to have to face now.

Plus, the Russian invasion of Ukraine was always going to cause supply chain shocks since grain, oil, and gas shortages create the type of inflation that can’t be mitigated via the Fed.

Edit: I should say Trump’s push for pro-cyclical policy. Obviously, separation of powers for this exact reason, but it’s obvious how much pressure he exerted.

Not giving blanket support for Biden or his domestic and fiscal policy. I just think a lot of OGers missed what Trump’s actual impact on the economy was or how inevitable an eventual bear market was with our recent Central Bank policy.

Trump’s spending especially the last year in office was a significant factor on the inflation.

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It’s okay, I don’t have to say shit. All I need to do is donate to the right causes and vote.