You think Dana secretly pulling for Brock?

We all know how Dana looks at everything as whats good for UFC business. He's got a young HWT with alot of star & drawing power for PPV's,and an older HWT at the tail end of his career.

If Brock wins he has unlimited time and matchups to put him in with for the future UFC's.

If Randy wins then he sets Brock back alot IMO as far as major upcomming fights as well as moves closer to retiring.

I'm sure Dana is always looking toward the future. I wonder what he sees a better result for this fight.

 LOL....yes its a real secret.

Its this a new Mr_Lombardo?  His Radio Rahim screenname isn't banned yet.


I hope Brock loses because it opens up a nice little run of fantasy matches... Let me explain the scenario in my head.

Randy beats Brock.

Randy then faces Nog to decide the champion. Nog wins.

By this time, Fedor finally gets signed by the UFC (after the certain demise/purchase of Affliction). Fights Randy Couture, to introduce Fedor to the mainstream public. Fedor Wins and Randy gracefully retires after the greatest challenge of his career.

Fedor vs Nog 4 for the title. Fedor wins and becomes the champion.

In the mean time, Brock has fought Kimbo who has been bought in. Brock Wins.

Brock then fights and beats Kurt Angle.

With 2 wins behind him, Brock has another title shot.

Brock Lesnar vs Fedor for the title. Fedor wins.

Yes, he wants brock to win. If couture loses, it kills much of the randy/fedor desire. Fedor won't be in UFC for awhile, if ever, and having a new guy like lesnar to bait him in is just what they need.

"Dana wants Brock to win. If Brock wins, he's got himself a superstar no one can continue to bash. A win over Couture, puts all this anti pro wrestling horseshit to rest."

Except Brock will have Big Nog waiting.....

This question is as obvious as this: Do you think Lance Bass is secretly pulling cock?