You think Kimbo even wants to fight any more?

Lets take a real look at the story of Kimbo Slice. The Bahamian sensation rose to popularity as viral marketing, youtube and information age took off. Everyone was talking about the videos of the angry bearded black man knocking peoples eyes out in boat yards. Who was this polarizing figure, all black fury?

He was Kevin Ferguson, a promising high school football player who had his chance at a scholarship blown away (literally) when Hurricane Andrew decimated South Florida and took away any chance of him playing a senior season.

Well a mans gotta eat right? Gotta get bread. Kimbo found himself as a security guard on the set of porno's. On a whim, Kimbo was asked to fight a fellow 'tough guy' on the block and it was filmed by the pornography company. A couple of videos later and everyone is raving about this "Kimbo Slice"

The crossover from MMA began to start, mentions of how Kimbo would do in the cage and EliteXC trying to capitalize on the buzz that surrounded this man signed him to fight. It was EliteXC who marketed him as the most dangerous of world beaters, the toughest dude in the world. It was EliteXC who dangled the cash in front of Kimbo Slice's face, whats a man gonna do? Gotta get his bread right?

The fall out from EliteXC and his loss to Seth left Kimbo with a slight damaged image but not enough to stop 20 million people tuning in to see him in the TUF house. There was a lot of controversy about Dana White bringing in Kimbo to the UFC, but it was obviously validated with the rating boost that Kimbo brings in. People want to see this guy fight.

But does Kimbo? His mannerisms from his arrival at the TUF House, to his post fight interviews and just how he has looked in the cage has me really questioning does Kimbo really want to do this fighting stuff? Or is this just another version of "the American dream" that Kimbo was involved in and used by.

Dana White used Kimbo Slice up, the MMA crowd for the most part have crucified him but all the while Kimbo has never claimed to be any thing he isn't. I hope Kimbo gets into the entertainment industry, movies or something. Maybe even WWF. I think he would be far better suited and happier not having to 'fight' for his bread any more.

I truly do think an autobiographical piece on Kimbo and a analyzing of his rise to 'fame' would be a fascinating read.

In short, do you think Kimbo even really wants to fight any more? Does he think how did I go from fighting cheeseburger eddie in the boatyard to this?

He didn't want to be in there last night. You could tell those leg kicks really hurt man. Anybody who's getting chopped down by inside leg kicks starts to turn into a Bob Sapp or Gary Goodridge fighter. They get paid but have to take some major beatings to do so win or lose.

Hope he makes more celebrity appearances and such to get his bread.

Any one have any figures on the pay that Kimbo has made in his MMA career?

Dude is in 4 of the top 5 most watched MMA fights.