You too can Watch Inside MMA!!!

I know most of you do not have HD-Net.....go to WWW.HD.NET and click on the Inside MMA link and when you see the listings you will see "more" under the dates and times on "more" and it will have every episode aired and you can click on the episode # and watch that episode.

I am watching the 1 that I missed that was aired the day after Thanksgiving.......Good Shit!!!

It has highlights from Strikeforce and an interview with Baroni and Couture!


Randy Couture went to college with Don Frye!!!!(FYI)

Randy said that it is harder to teach a striker wrestling than it is to teach a wrestler striking...interesting!

Fri., Nov. 30th 9:30 PM ET Bas Rutten and Kenny Rice bring you all the latest MMA news, rankings, and highlights. Guests include UFC Champion Sean Sherk, & magazine Publisher Bob Pittman.

I can't wait 'till 6:30 p.m.(pacific)!!!

Inside MMA is a pretty cool show. Lame the UFC won't let them show footage but really cool to see fights from smaller shows I never would have seen. The show has had some interesting guests so far as well.