"you used your strength!" waaaaa

i am sick of guys saying that i am using my size or strength to beat them.  yes, i am big, and yes, i am strong.  however, if they were to beat me, i would not complain that they used their speed or stamina to beat me.

we all have our gifts and we should all learn how to use them.  i will never be fast so i use my strength to slow the game down.  that is a skill that takes a lot of time to develop. so dont knock me just because i can whoop you.


i liked thsi thread better a year agoe when you did it as "Strength is a skill too"........

i dont stop guys from going to the gym and lifting to catch up

please stop being so fat.

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Actually, I've no problem with anyone using strength. If a big guy taps me out, I just say - Oh he's bigger than me. It's easy. No worries. If he's smaller than me, he's probably 13 in which case, he won't beat me.

If you want to get better, you should train "out of your elements" at times, that is, go for set ups and moves you dont usualy do even if the openings for your main moves are there, not use your weight and strenght against lighter guys, etc

BUT, if you compete you must too train like you'd fight. So if you are strong guy and muscle your way to success, do it!

Just find training partners that want to team up with you and make the "rules" as clear as can be. Not everyone is there for the same reasons or has the same goals and timing. Clarity is key.

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if you have to rely on your size and strength, what does that say about your technique?

if you have to come to the ug for reassurance, what does that say about your self esteem?

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Can you beat other big strong dudes? I think that is the key. I have a strong tight game. But I do it everyone including people that are bigger than me.

I think it is a valid complaint if you are significantly larger than the person you are rolling with (15-20lbs or so). 

If the person is close to your size (weight class) and belt level the complaint loses validity.

I am pretty strong for my size (195-200lbs) and I make every effort not to allow my strength to be a factor when grappling with a smaller opponent but if you are my size (or bigger) and of similar experience all bets are off and if I need to use a little muscle to gain position/transition/ or submission I don't feel bad doing it.

when you use your size and strength on smaller TEAMMATES in practice...all you are doing is making yourself worse. The idea is to practice technique with smaller teammates so that you can get better at the technique. When you compete with people who are the same size as you are - and you use strength - now thats a different story. When you are playing with people who are your size - use everything at your disposal.

use your other name armybrat, lol

Just tell them I am not strong, my technique is strong.

The Calf Cruncher

My God, I can't believe you guys don't see obvious trolling by CUO.

The man teaches BJJ guys, he knows that using strength against your weaker opponent in TRAINING is counterproductive. He's making fun of the noob BJJ guy that has to feed his ego by "powering thru" a weaker, more skilled player.

I was guilty as hell of this when I started BJJ. Very quick to jump to side mount and attack a far side arm because I knew I had an advantage there. Slowed my progress, no doubt. Now, trying to escape mount against a bigger, more skilled guy, THAT'S learning something.

Taking strength out of the equation for yourself is the way to progress, and he knows it. Trolling like a fisherman.

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"LOL @strength is a Skill too "

then why do nfl teams have strength and conditioning coaches if gaining it and using it is not a skill.

epstein is much stronger than i am.  he only complains about my overuse of the belly and horrible body odor.



Strength is great to use if your rolling w someone your size. If im rolling w someone 50 lbs bigger than me for them to use strength is useless for both of us. I have to deal with this all the time, if you cant win w skill then use the fact you weigh more to win in class? Get over it fat people, When goin w someone smaller work on skill.

hughes actually knew guard passing and pinning. that is not just strength


"My God, I can't believe you guys don't see obvious trolling by CUO."

Maybe, but he is doing so with a valid point. Jiu Jitsu is the only sport I have participated in where using strength is frowned upon. It's just re-goddam-diculous.

My first jiu jitsu school was just like ChokeEmOuts. A good rule of thumb, if you get too many "relax" comments then the place is not built for competition.