You vs. a pitbull

It made me wonder if someone came up behind one of these son'bitches and kicked them square in the nuts, if the dog would go down.

The answer is no. They won't go down.

But the thing you need to kick is the owner, not the dog. The sensationalistic journalism you hear about these dogs does not paint an accurate picture. Pitbulls are some of the most people-friendly dogs ever created. That is the way they were bred. To be friendly to people. Human aggression and animal aggression are two different things. They are being bred and mistreated to be this way. The owners are 99% of the problem. Not the dogs.

What happens to these dogs that makes them go berserk? Are they dangerous animals that should be put down? The answers are complicated and not what you want to hear. And they certainly won't be told in any newspaper story. Because it won't sell papers and won't give you the gut wrenching, fear mongering, negative reaction that sells those papers.

The truth is pitbulls outperform most other breeds in temperment tests. The truth is many of these 'pitbull' atacks are not actually pitbulls. Most people can't even distinguish what a pitbull looks like. Dogs are misclassified regularly and sometimes intentionally. You don't read about the pomeranian that killed the infant a few years ago. You don't read that the #1 biting dog is a cockerspaniel. You won't remember 20+ years ago when Doberman Pinchers were 'the' dangerous dog. You probably didn't know that Petey from the Little Rascals was a pit. Nor that the most decorated dogs in war were pits. The RCA dog? A pit. Helen Keller's dog? A pit. The breed of dog that holds the record in drug captures in Texas? A pit. Nope. You don't hear about that stuff. And even if you do it won't fit into your mental picture of these dangerously aggressive animals. And you certainly wouldn't think that more people die or are injured in high school sports than are attacked by dogs. Danger is relative.

But let me leave you with these links. And let's compare...Who is the worst animal here, and who is more dangerous to whom?

But hopefully you will want to know a little more about these great dogs and try to find out the other side of the story. Probably not. But just in case you do:

Whoa, surprising post by Bill Jones, and 100% accurate.

My daughter has a pit bull that plays with my 6 month old grand daugher.

Nicest most gentle dog on the planet!

And can clean the spaghetti off of a babies face in about 3 seconds flat while making the baby giggle.

Awesome post Bill Jones.

I'm not a huge pit fan, nor am I one of those that falls for the anti-pit hype.

I think pits get a bum rep because of their owners and because of the damage they are capable of. If a dalmatian could do as much damage as a pit, they would be the world's most dangerous animal. (I heard that dalmatians, for a long time were the #1 breed for dog-bite incidents, but that has since changed, as noted by Bill Jones).

I've been around several pits, and they are incredibly docile and friendly, at least more so than many labs and golden retrievers that I've known over the years, and these are probably the two most popular breeds in America.

Me by 1st round pawbar....

Another 2 cents: Even worse than the bad owners are the amoral dog breeders who can produce thousands of dogs and get them into the hands of irresponsible owners.