I have just finished my investigative story on the events that took place in Vernon B.C. and the Shut Up and Fight event.

I have done interviews with the RCMP, the Mayor of Vernon B.C., the Sports Editor of the Vernon Morining Star and others who have nothing to lose or gain in this event. Although, many on this form know the truth this will bring an end to rumours and those guilty will no longer be able to hide from the truth.

I will let you guys know if my story will be in Full Contact Fighter, our website or if we can "Stop the Presses" and add it to our first issue of Showdown Combat Sports.

I will keep you posted.


Mike "The Shooter's Shooter" McNeil

supporT The sporT

Awesome job Mike, I have posted nothing about this whole issue so far but I do want to know the entire truth so please let us from Brazil know where to read it from! Thanks!

I don't know if I can handle the truth...


DougieĀ®, he said "proof"... ;)


Oh... ok.


Dude, please give us some closure and let us know who did or didn't do it. Give us a teazer that tells the gist while still leaving all the raw info for us to follow up on by getting your article. You know, like Barbara Walters does.

In other words, DP/PP!

I wanna know!


"The guy who called me said he was a rival promoter so he's probably the guy Jason knows. Apparently, he's from ****. He did mention a bunch of small towns in **** where sanctioning bodies..."

Kevin Mitchell, Vernon Morning Star Sports Editor, about receiving phone calls before the Shut Up and Fight event...

More to come.

Mike "The Shooter's Shooter" McNeil

*sound of me hitting "popcorn" button on microwave*

lol@mini-magnus! I can smell it from here.

Showdown Joe thinks Mike McNeil rules.

Proof is in the ...... right Mikey...:)

Do your thing, Mikey, do your thing!!!


If there is a silver lining to this cloud it's that the whole MMA scene in B.C and hopefully (more than likely) Canada will become stronger and more unified because of this. The guys out west are truly trying to do something for the sport as a whole and this situation has lit a fire under a lot of asses that can and, in my opinion, will help MMA on so many levels.


WTF? Proof??

Did I miss everything? Has the report already been posted or is it coming out in the next FCF magazine or showdown mag?

Hey Sean.

The report will be in the next FCF mag. They will have my TKO 14 report in this coming issue. I had to talk to a few guys at the Vernon radio station and that delayed it until the next issue. Tom and Joel are cool about it and this will give me more time to add to the story.

So, I will keep following up leads until about next week. Once it is published I will put it up on the web.

I'll keep the UG posted.