You will never take me alive!

You have proven to be most powerful adversaries. I fought as hard as i could, but alas some of my fellow Arkansans were not up to the great struggle. My small group of rag tag warriors fought hard, but defeat is inevitable. HOWEVER, i am cyber-doing the honorable thing rather than face defeat at the hands of our enemies. You have my respect, you were honorable foes. Please do not rape our women and children.

pink, welcome to the hawaiiground man. you will be invaluable to this place.

Hey Pink, can you post HilaryRNC fight vid over here please?

welcome to the HG pink. you are with friends now...

Hillary's fight is on youtube or you can go to our fight website

Welcome PINK, don't worry, we wont cook & eat you.....4 now.


Thats it its over! Welcome Arkansas!

Howzit Pink?
Ummm...No prmoises about the raping thing...Especially with FCTV and Faixa here.

Don't have to worry about us raping your women...I've seen pictures of them. NO THANKS! You better hide your pigs though.