Young Choi??

Iam fighting this guy @ the next spirit event in Korea. Has anyone seen him fight? He is 1-0 on sherdog with a win against Mike Aina, but he is 7-2-0 on some Korean website. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


The dude is fucking huge, 7"2" 320lbs. Decent standup, never seen his ground.

genius , I would have probably done the same thing to someone! HAha

Lol, sorry. I was thinking of Hong Man Choi. Lol, my bad.

M. AINA is a tough dude.

never heard of CHOI, but good luck.

He came down with a bunch of other korean fighters to our gym in Hilo this past year to train.
He's a classy guy. Good wrestler with pretty damn fast hands if I can say so myself.
Mike beat him IMO...but it is on Choi's home turf



If he looks like this guy, tap quickly when he clamps your face with one hand or your skull will shatter.

Probably the son of Old Choi.

Wow, I hope its not that guy.HAha


Steve good luck... When is the event ?