Young lesbian moves into a commune, learns to undo her genital preference

This chick is gonna realize in about 5 years she’s being raped the somehow blame it on the white patriarchy.


Why does anyone care what these vapid, mentally ill people think about anything?

Stop giving them attention and they’ll go away.


Suddenly the entire OG disappears….

That vocal fry is about the worst I’ve ever heard.

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You listened to what she had to say? Sucker!!!

These people are really struggling with attraction and the undeniable fact that pussy and dick were created for one another.
Its not a difficult observation

And then they will tell YOU to get educated.


Crazy bitch.

Whats an A-Fab lesbian?

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Her shirt tells the whole story.


The world has gone off the deep edge.

The girl is too stupid to realize that the logic underlying all this is basically tautological and if you buy into to it, the conclusions are foregone.

“Disconnect genitals from gender in your mind”… such that sexual attraction/preference should no longer actually be connected to sex (biology), it should now be connected solely to gender (a “social construction” - i.e., make-believe)… i.e., SEXUAL ATTRACTION (preference) is also merely a “social construction” and completely disconnected from BIOLOGY (putting aside any “I believe in Science” signs)… So, sure, convince yourself of all this and the only outcome you will come to is: my ‘preference’ for dick/pssy is merely a “social construction” (make believe), so it must be completely malleable.



Lol wait. Soooooo she was/is a lesbian and didnt like dick. She only liked women.

Then comes alone some dudes with dicks who are trans as they call it and pulled some jedi mind tricks on her to convince her dick =/= male and got her to let them pipe her down. They then finds out she likes dick and having been convinced that dick =/= male and that these trans dudes are actually women now get to smash this lesbian and to such a degree she liked it enough to tell the world?

Are we sure these trans dudes ain’t OGers??? Lol


Assigned Female At Birth

Which is a dumb term. Nobody is “assigned” a gender. You just are whatever you genes dictate based on which sperm fertilized the egg that then became you. That’s random chance, not assignment.


AFAB = ‘assigned female at birth’

She is ‘gender fluid’ so did not want to refer to herself as cis-gender

Yes, Virginia, you can be an AMAB lesbian, too (with or without cock)

She’s an afab non-binary lesbian so cut her some slack

I could not have a conversation with people like her. They have a million new terms that are so muddled and they are so confused about everything. I think social media is driving many of them insane


What’s the ass look like tho?

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“I moved to a queer commune”

All we really needed to hear.


Luv you @trust, but why tf do you know what afab means?

I want to punch her in the voice box.