Your 2006 Accomplishments???

Now that 2006 is at a close..... what did you accomplish or achieve this year? 

Maybe you won a title or met someone you've always wanted to meet.  Maybe you achieved a new rank in BJJ or did your first fight?  May you simply started training or this was the year you became a fan of combat sports.  Or perhaps something great happened that has nothing to do with martial arts at all.  That is cool too.

At any rate, I hope everyone has a safe, successful and prosperous 2007.  And for those of you who accomplished something big or small this year, congratulations!

Happy New Year! 

i supported the sport by purchasing a blue name

^ That rules!!!

At 42 after about 10 years of on and off Jiu jitsu I got my Purple belt. And about two weeks later I had back surgery. But I will be back on the mats ASAP. Have a great new year and keep training no matter what.

Started training BJJ, got a blue name, got engaged to my girl friend of 3 1/2 years and worked at Crater Lake National Park and Grand Canyon.

Been a good year. :)

Congrats Slick, was it a Holiday Inn Express?

JSORTLT & Dreamer... that's the stuff this thread was made for.  Well Done! 

Got MMA legalized and regulated in North Dakota and also got a large venue to co promote a show with us.


oh and got a new 28' cage!!

Got a blue name, set up a gangster photoblog

finally got the balls to join the local Dojo after years of wanting too, had my first fight, moved for a new job for a few weeks than moved back home when i realized it sucked :D 07 will just be better

WOn the WKA world lt. contact karate title at 70 kg, and a silver in point fighting in Spain.

Also went and trained in Thailand for a month.Not a bad year.

Got my BJJ purple belt,

Won 3 from 3 Pro MMA fights and an Australian title.

Got a beautiful baby girl. I guess It's been a pretty good year for me!

Well done to all of you.  Best wishes for more in 2007.

Moved into my dream house after losing 2 life savings.  Totally paid for and will die here, but that's ok as I NEVER have to move again.  And my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on Dec 26th. 

Worked as time/score keeper for about 20 mma shows in '06.  Also helped about 6-8 new promoters for mma shows with their paperwork to start their shows and worked with them to have them as organized and professionally run as possible.  Still have a fighter's database LIST in progress that keeps growing and up to about 1,200 names for fighters, trainers and promoters  to use in conjunction with FCF and Sherdog  databases.  And I still have a cookbook in progress that after years of work can see this coming to fruition.  My catering business was topped off with a year end Christmas party for about 60 people with the most money I've ever made in one event - more than alot of the promoters say they make in profit in one mma show. 

From I specifically helped a fighter find his 1st mma fight.  He's gone on to fight several more fights since then.

My husband & I are working with Dan Severn & The Danger Zone in putting on several mma shows in Alabama and having him as a partner that stays in our home is something that I never thought I'd see.  Makes me very proud that of all the people he has to partner up with that he thinks enough of us and trusts us to partner with. 

overall a very good year.  later, ma

Cornerd a current student who got a 27second knockout in the 1st at 205. Also cornered a former student that night who recorded an 11 second knockout. Both were first fights ever.
Got a job that doubled my income.
Had a baby, 3rd.

Managed to keep an undefeated record, made it into the UFC, made the Dean's list, had a good garden, raised some lambs, and didn't get mangled by a bear.

Went 4-1 this year and also made it into the UFC at only 18 yrs of age

lost 50 more pounds, trained in thailand for a month, made a successful muay thai debut at a lower weight class this year going 2-0-1. Got my start in coaching and training as well as private lessons. Oh and non fighting related, i paid off all my credit card and outstanding debt and raised my credit score to the high 700's =).

Lost 60 lbs and finally opened my own grappling/MMA club.

got my brown belt, started grad school, supported myself teaching jiu jitz